Demo Deck of Needs 2.0

To better understand the possibilities of the Deck of Needs, we suggest that you first go through this demo and/or read the 'Fast instructions'. After your first experience with the cards, much of what we will explain more extensively in the 'Advanced instructions' will be clearer and more easily accessible.

Finding the needs that want to be heard

The Deck of Needs aims to speak to people directly. In this demo we try to do the same and speak to a fictive 'you'. Since this is a demo, chances are low, that we guess the need you have at this particular moment. For demonstration purposes we however we suggest that you 'imagine' that we guess the right words and/or that you are in our shoes and guess the right words with one of your clients or another person you listen to.

In this demo we show you just 5 out of the 56 cards. In the future we hope to offer a digital version with all the cards.


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