Demo of the Deck of Needs

One of the ways to experience this impact of words, is to ask a speaker to put her/his full attention to a card that contains a need that's connected to the core message in their story (see Book of Needs). On this page you find one of the more common needs: to be heard. It may not be one of your unfulfilled needs at this moment and maybe it is. There are many things we do or think that want to be heard and seen. Sometimes it helps to listen to ourselves and hear what wants to be heard. Sometimes it feels good if someone else is able to listen and hear what's alive in us.

What happens when you put your attention to this 'card' for one minute?

Holding a card with a need on it can create physical reactions. I've seen people relax when the card I gave was connected to a burning issue. I've seen people with goose bumps. I've heard people produce a deep sigh and a loud 'yes, this is what I've been looking for'. I've seen how people could not let go of a card, because that particular need wanted to be found, heard and handled like a long lost treasure.

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In this demo we show you just 3 out of the 56 cards. In the future we hope to have a full functioning digital version with all the cards. Click here to go to the back side of this card.

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