Front side of Strategy Card Work

I was asked to train a group of unemployed Germans. Work was one of the most important topics for them.

Back side of Strategy Card Work

I wrote 6 Needs that I connect to work on a sheet (a selection of the words above) and asked them to order these needs. The result was more clarity about what they wanted to achieve by finding work. Because they started the discussion with needs, the two words they added were what I consider to be needs too.


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Strategy cards

Strategy Cards What do you need? What do you "really" need? This is probably one of the most important questions asked by coaches, therapists, mediators and anyone who is interested in the well-being of others. The first answers you will often hear are:
  • Home
  • Partner
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Money

18 new cards to find the 'right' words

We selected 15 'strong strategies'. They are so strong that many consider them 'needs'. On 3 others cards you'll find three Challenging Times. At the beginning (birth), crisis (sickness, stress) and end (death, loss) of life, relationship, idea, project, etc. some needs might be asking for more attention than in 'normal' moments of our life. On the backside of each card you can find a list of universal needs that might be connected to this strategy or challenging time. These suggestions can support you to go one or several steps deeper in finding the 'right' words to find what people really want.

The Strategy Cards were designed as an expansion to the 'Deck of Needs'. Each underlined words is a word on one of the cards in the Deck of Needs. The colour of the line matches the colour of that card. This allows you to quickly find a set of cards connected to this strategy or challenging time. The example on the right however shows that the Strategy Cards can also be used separately.

Is Sex a need or a strategy?

Strategy Cards When I first showed the picture above many people told me 'sex' is a 'need'. Many NVC-trainers including Marshall Rosenberg put 'sexual expression' on their list of needs. I believe it can be both a need and a strategy. In the Flower of Needs you will find it as one of the 'physical needs'. Feel free to use it as a 'need' if you achieve better results with yourself or the people you work with. The words on the backside can also be used to get a deeper understanding when you see sex as a need.

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