This listening process based on the Book of Needs includes an example of how the Deck of Needs can be used by professional listeners.

Instructions to the Deck of Needs

The Deck of Needs is developed in a way that allows people to play it and get results without instructions. At the same time if you want to use more of the many possibilities, we suggest instructions and training. To keep the instructions and games up-to-date we decided to limit the instructions included in the Deck and put the rest of the instructions online.

Demonstration of the cards

Deck Of Needs

To understand the possibilities that the Deck of Needs offers, we suggest you start with this demo. It's a slightly extended version of the 'Fast Instructions' below. Based on an example we picked you will learn more about how the Deck of Needs can help you reach the 5 main goals we try to achieve:

  1. Finding (your) needs
  2. Listening to (your) needs
  3. Deepening your understanding of (your) needs
  4. Finding more needs
  5. Comparing (your)needs

Instructions Deck of Needs from 2019

In 2019 we created a update for the Deck of Needs, that offers even more possibilities than the previous one. For that we also created new instructions. We decided to split up the instructions into 'Fast Instructions' and 'Advanced Instructions'. The 'Advanced Instructions' are not ready yet. It will include several games that we described in the instructoins from 2014 below.

Instructions Deck of Needs from 2014

The Instructions from 2014 contain several games that are no longer part of our current instructions. We aim to add pages with all the games you can play with the Deck of Needs. The other advantage of these instructions is, that the are available in three languages.

Instructions Strategy Cards

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