This listening process based on the Book of Needs includes an example of how the Deck of Needs can be used by professional listeners.

Games with needs cards

There are many ways to use a set of needs cards. We call these ways 'games' because we like the idea, that both important and less important processes can be 'played' with lightness and ease. Many of the following 'games' can be played light-hearted and at the same time they often haven an outcome that can have a deep impact on your life or the people you play with.

Games that can change your life

This page is still under construction. As a start we can offer the games that were included in the instructions of 2014 for the Deck of Needs:

A library of games

We see the following 'games' as part of an ever growing library. We ordered the games based on the main goal you can achieve with that game. Feel free to use games for different goals.

Personal Development


Games you can play alone or with the person you try to support.

Games you can play during workshops and trainings with as many people as you like.

Circle of Needs

Circle of Needs
One by One (long version) Flower of Needs
One by One (short version) Combine 2 Needs
Classification Guess a Need 1
1, 2, or 3  
1, 2, or 3 Guess a Need 1
4 Colours put in Order Guess a Need 2
Surrounded by Needs Guess related Needs
  Guess related Need

We believe in one the main ideas behind creative commons, that sharing ideas creates a better world. Feel free to share the content of this page with others as long as you say where it came from. And as we share, we'd like you to share too. Please contact us if you have a game you'd like to share.

Share these games

The other idea behind creative commons is to give credit to people who find and invent things. Several games were invented during one of our trainings. Many more games however were introduced to us by others. Please contact us, if you think you first invented one of the games and want your name connected to it.

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