This listening process based on the Book of Needs includes an example of how the Deck of Needs can be used by professional listeners.

Deck of Needs

Deck of Needs is a set of of 56 cards which support you to find the 'right' words to describe what you and others need. The unique ideas and design offer for professional listeners (trainers, coaches, teachers, mediators) and everyone else who wants to improve their communication or support others to do so. It also offers some new possibilities to find words for needs faster, clearer and easier.

4 Unique ways to find the 'right' words

Insights from the Book of Needs allowed us to add four unique ways to find the 'right' words:

  • Classification
  • Words that are positively related
  • Words that are related by paradox
  • Simple words for words that are often misunderstood

We are currently working on material about a classification system that allows you to find words to describe needs as easy as finding the name of an animal. With this classification simple multiple choice questions will help you to easily find a selection of applicable words (Wish to Needs). A summary of this classification can be found in the Flower of Needs.

Is there another word that wants to be found?

The related words on the backside of each card offer an opportunity to deepen a listening process. In unpleasant situations there is often a mixture of unfulfilled needs. The suggestions we give on the backside of each card will help you to find these words easier and faster. At the same time they offer people a chance to deepen their understanding of the need they've just found. This short demo shows what the cards look like and how both kind of related words on the backside of the cards work.

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