'Book of Needs' available. We work on a Dutch version. Training material based on the book is available in English, Dutch, German and Polish.

This listening process based on the Book of Needs includes an example of how the Deck of Needs can be used by professional listeners.


Communication starts with the awareness that something needs to be done differently to fulfill our needs at a higher level. Often this involves others and it helps if we are able to build a bridge between our wishes and their wishes. Sometimes we first need clarity about what we want. And if we are a 'professional' listener our task is to find the needs of employees, customers, parents, children, clients, patients and other people we work or live with before they go out to others and share what's important to them.

Tools and training for 'professional' listening

The books, tools and trainings of Kommunikasie aim to help you:

Unpleasant feelings tell us, that something wants to be changed. The approach of Kommunikasie offers you a fast and deep method to handle any type of unpleasant feelings and find the core message behind these feelings. This includes a new way to develop your own vocabulary of needs that will help to improve your listening skills. Our approach will help you to reach a deeper level of being heard and find solutions that are still satisfying after 6 months and further. The long term solutions are the reason why we also like to call our approach sustainable communication.

"On the bridge we meet each other"

The word Kommunikasie comes from South Africa a country we feel closely related to.

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