'Book of Needs' available. We work on a Dutch version. Training material and presentation based on the book is available in English, Dutch, German and Polish.

This listening process based on the Book of Needs includes an example of how the Deck of Needs can be used by professional listeners.


'Professional' listeners support employees, customers, parents, children, clients, patients, etc. to find out what's alive. Sometimes we offer an opportunity to blow off steam, which is something 'our speakers' can't find somewhere else. More often they come to you and me hoping to find clarity about what's 'really' going on and/or how they can more succesfully share their wishes with others even including the ones with whom they have a conflict.

Tools and training for 'professional' listening

The books, tools and trainings of Kommunikasie aim strengthen the qualities to:

Kommunikasie offers a structured approach to quickly and deeply handle (unpleasant) feelings and sometime equally unpleasant thoughts. To find the message behind these feelings and thoughts we use what NVC calls 'needs'. With the Flower of Needs and the Deck of Needs we offer tools to quickly find words for those needs. Our approach will help you to reach a deeper level of being heard and find solutions that are still satisfying after 6 months and further for everyone involved.

"On the bridge we meet each other"

The word Kommunikasie comes from South Africa where Matthew Rich-Tolsma, co-author from the Book of Needs was born and raised.

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